Sunday, August 19, 2012

Versitile Tortillas!

There are many different ways to put together: Tortillas, Meat, Cheese, and Vegetables.  If you have those four ingredients you can make countless dishes.  However, the "presentation" relies mainly on the way the Tortillas are prepared.  I'm not the cleverest when it comes to the preparation, as far as I'm concerned - "The easier the better!" 

Here are a couple of easy ways to prepare the base of your tasty dish :)

Taco Bowls
These taco bowls are great for parties.  Flipping the Muffin Pan over allows you to make bowls out of the bigger tortilla shells :)  Below is a great presentation for tacos, the flat bottoms allow them to stand up, but also give plenty of room for toppings!  - Click the names for the detailed instructions :)

Fat Bottomed Taco Shells

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