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MyFridgeFood - Just the Tips :)

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Forehead Slap #265 - Dip your fries IN the ketchup packet instead of squirting the ketchup onto... whatever you can find lol. Too many advantages to list ;)

Save your Pringles containers to store Spaghetti :)

-Guess this is better than my way of just picking up the WHOLE thing and taking a bite out of the side lol

Let's face it - Those hangers don't hold your pants very well anyway 

When you're freezing your ground meat - throw it in a Ziplock bag then gently score it with a chopstick or another flat utensil. You'll be able to break off pieces without defrosting the whole thing. This also works well with thick sauces 

shared by - usophisticook

Cheap and Easy Grill Cleaning - Immediately after grilling, remove the hot grill grates (using pliers) and wrap them in old newspapers that have been soaked thoroughly with water…keep the grates wrapped for 15 minutes. The resulting trapped steam loosens burned-on foods, which can then be easily scraped off.

Spice Cabinet a little "Jumbled" - use a tension rod to create an easy "Second Shelf".  Quick and cheap way to help get organized :)

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

After using the limes in your "Cinco" Recipes - instead of throwing away the peels, scoop out the middle and use them as shot glasses

Forehead Slap #112 - If you're writing on a cake, write with a TOOTHPICK first... then you can see how the letters fit BEFORE you ruin the cake lol. 

If you make a mistake just smooth out the icing :)

Add a piece of masking tape to ANY jar to make leveling off spoons easy!

*if you're worried about the adhesive, put a shorter piece of tape on the bottom of the long piece (sticky side IN), so just the ends that attach to the jar are sticky.

Forehead Slap #366! - Take the bones out BEFORE you eat the wing, no more wasting all that meat on the ends.....I slapped my forehead after I tried this... so I have BBQ sauce on my head now lol!

When you're stealing the towels from the hotel your staying in... take the SHOWER CAPS too! 

Great for covering any large dish that you want to get in and out of regularly, also good for when your covering rising bread so it won't stick to the plastic wrap 

Forehead Slap #117 - Sometimes just one more surface makes dinner so much easier... Especially in college lol

Fun Flavored Coffee Tip! - Before Brewing: Add your own flavors to Regular coffee grinds to give it a little twist. Orange peel, vanilla extract, cinnamon, ground up nuts, etc... can all be added. To make six cups add 1/4 teaspoon of whatever flavor you choose. I'm sure there's a lot more flavors to experiment with too!

Onions remove rust from metal objects - so if your knife is rusty just plunge it into the biggest onion you can find, let it sit for a few seconds and pull it out. Repeat until the rust is gone 

ZOMBIE BRAINS DIP - Hollowed out head of cauliflower FILLED with favorite guacamole recipe - with a little hot sauce for... you know :) - #WalkingDead

If you're roasting Veggies - try roasting them on a Pizza Stone. The high, dry surface will make them nice and crisp. Great for asparagus, cauliflower, even potatoes. Pretty soon you'll be calling it your "Veggie Stone" 

Warning - Don't roast Beets... the pink stain will be VERY permanent lol

Wrap a shower cap around an overly-sensitive smoke detector.... I know the difference between "burning" and "warming".... my detector doesn't lol.

Forehead Slap #199 - If you're at the store buying ingredients for Omelets, Fajitas, Salads, etc... see if they have a salad bar, the veggies are fresh, ALREADY chopped, and a lot cheaper!

Forehead Slap #322 - (Follow up to yesterdays caramelizing tip) When dicing an Onion, keep the roots ON to help hold it together!

If you love Caramelized Onions, but don't love standing and stirring for 40 minutes. Add a pinch of Baking Soda to the Oil. They'll be ready in 10 minutes!

I was a little skeptical at first... but they came out PERFECT!

I don't need no fancy schmancy foam maker :)

Accidentally cooked something greasy in your favorite sweater?

You can use chalk to remove grease stains from clothes. Simply rub white chalk on the affected area and wash as normal - the chalk will absorb the grease and be washed away in the cycle... really wish I knew this one earlier lol 

Use a paper plate to prevent the splatter when using your electric mixer this holiday season... or any season really 

Forehead SLAP! #284 - Wow... Freeze those things upright!....

How much time have I wasted trying to get the juice out of the end I cut off... did you use to mash up the bottom before finishing it off too?... just me?... okay 

Fun Flavor Changing Drinks! - Great for parties!

Freeze your Kool-aid flavors in Ice Cube trays. Throw them in a cup of Soda (with a little kicker if you like) The flavor of the drink will change as the Ice Melts... lot's of variations 

I'd wait 15 minutes so I don't have to use ice... Black Cherry doesn't taste the same watered down 

Use a straw for perfect "topping" distribution at the movie theater.

I said "topping" because i don't think what they give you is technically butter 

Put a wine or margarita glass in the middle of a large bowl for instant chip and dip set! Another one I learned while watching football lol

So MacGyver packed his lunch one day... but forgot the utensils, so he did this lol.

Make a spoon out of the foil by pinching it with your thumb and forefinger, and twisting the rest of it into a handle...I swear I heard the theme song when I did this 

Use balled up foil to keep your tacos vertical while you broil the cheese :)

Don't throw out those last drops of jam in the jar - Add equal parts oil and vinegar to the jar, give it a good shake, and season with salt and pepper to taste. Instant Fruity Vinaigrette Dressing! 

I used an actual hole puncher to make the holes

How bout a Magic Trick? - Put a sealed can of Condensed Milk (sweetened) in boiling water for 2 1/2 hours.... and when you open it... It will be Toffee!!

Seriously, so much easier than the "Stir, bubble, scrape, stir, freeze, etc..." method. However, make sure the can is COMPLETELY submerged at all times... otherwise it's not as magical lol 

Two bowls in the microwave.... thanks mom!

You can use that hole in the handle of your saucepan to hold the spoon :)

I'm sure this technique will work with a lot of "jars" :)
Brain Teaser: How do you make multiple loaves of bread at once when you only have one loaf pan?

Answer: Place a single loaf pan across the center of a 13 by 9-inch baking dish. Position one portion of shaped dough on either side of the loaf pan (and, if you want the third one , fill in the middle loaf pan as well) and bake.

Throw some dog toys in a large bowl, fill with water, add some chicken/beef stock, then freeze.

It'll keep your dog occupied outside while keeping him cool 

Clean ALL of your silver at ONCE!

Line your sink (or pan) with aluminum foil, shiny side up. Pour 1/2 c. baking soda 1/2 c. salt into the sink. Fill sink two-thirds full with almost-boiling water.

Submerge silver for about 2 minutes. Rinse with hot water, and then immediately dry with a soft cloth - Good as new 

Forehead Slap #235 - use those adhesive hooks from the dollar store to hang your "wraps"... you can hang them on the inside of your cabinets if they're an eye sore ;)

If my math is correct - this also means that if a recipe calls for Salt, Baking Powder, and Flour... you can just use Self Rising :)

You can cook Bread in your Crock Pot! - It takes less time than the oven because the rising time is included in the Baking :)

Use any prepared dough, fresh or refrigerated. Form into a 1lb ball and place in your crock pot on a piece of parchment paper. Turn on High and bake for about an hour (time varies depending on your Machine, so keep an eye)

It'll be soft coming out, but if you want a crispier crust, throw under the broiler for about 5 minutes. Let it cool before you slice, otherwise it may seem a little under-cooked... but it's not :)

Freeze green onions in water bottles - shake out the right amount and return to the freezer! 

Handy Tip - I always end up buying so many green onions and recipes never call for more than 3 stalks :P

submitted by

Use any lid to make uniform Burger Patties! This one is from my big Peanut Butter Jar... I'll use the little jar for sliders ;)

P.S. - Use the plastic wrap... learned that one really quick lol

Invisible Banana Ink - this is SO much fun!

Write on them with toothpicks and as the day goes on message appears... Great for when you pack a lunch... or just want to freak someone out :)

Just noticed how popular Cake Pops are becoming.... yet I still laid (lay?) them down on the pan to dry.... 

Then I saw this.... Use the colander to dry them without getting that "flat side" :)

Bake your cookies in a Muffin Pan - they won't spread out and they'll stay soft :)

I really can't appreciate this enough - I've been thinking about all the different things that could be in the first picture... Graham Crackers... Cheetos.... I can't stop....Ooooh - FUNIONS!!! :)

To keep hot oil from splattering, sprinkle a little salt or flour in the pan before frying.

I always remember this one a little too late :P

When you buy a container of cake frosting, whip it with your mixer for a few minutes. The air will double it in size, so you can frost more cake (or cupcakes) with the same amount :)

Oh - Also cuts down on the sugar and calories per serving ;)

When slicing messy foods like tomatoes, place the cutting board on (in?) a baking sheet. It will contain any juices, and make it easy to clean up - Just rinse it off in the sink :)

Bacteria is what causes cottage cheese and sour cream to go bad. If you store them UPSIDE DOWN it creates a vacuum in the container which stifles the growth of bacteria and they last much longer... science lesson over :)

You wanna see what happens when you put jello in a bendy straw? :)

You can just pour the liquid jello directly into a carton of straws - I'm not gonna lie...these take some work....but just LOOK AT THESE!

Tired of not being able to place the candle in your pumpkin properly and then burning your hand when you try to light it? 

Instead of trying to make a perfectly round circle only in the top, cut a small rectangular on the side of the pumpkin as well. It makes it easier to empty and carve - If you're like me and always wait til' the last minute to carve your pumpkin :)

Get excited for Halloween and carve your Pumpkin a little early? - Throw in one (or more) of those silicon packages you got out of a shoe box, purse, etc... - the Pumpkin will keep about a week longer :)

They say "throw away, do not eat" - but I only follow half of the instructions now :)

I'm sure I'm the last one to hear about this one - Make that block of cheddar slide across your grater with ease by coating it with a little bit of non-stick cooking spray first.**

**Allegedly :)

The right way to eat a Cupcake - keeps it off your nose :)

If you prefer soft cookies, use CORNSTARCH instead of baking powder. The dough itself ends up looking exactly like ice cream - very close to the Keebler Soft Batch Cookies :)

Use an egg slicer for instant and perfect strawberry slices! Or use your strawberry slicer for.... you know :)

Heart Shaped Eggs - Use a heavier stock paper (like an index card) and make sure you do this when they're still warm**

**Allegedly :)

Loving Avocados is expensive - Stock up while they're cheap. They'll freeze nicely :)

Cut them in half, remove the skin (optional), then put them in a Ziplock bag. (you can also puree the avocado before freezing as well, throw a little bit of lime juice)

They may lose the texture but the flavor is there....allegedly :)

Grill your fish on a bed of lemons to infuse flavor & prevent sticking to the grill ;) You can try a grapefruit...but it's not as good :P

This is a follow up to another tip on "Chocolate Covered Strawberries in an Ice Cube Tray" (clever name I know)

Try "Inside out Chocolate strawberries" - set them up in an egg carton while the chocolate dries. Then you don't have to worry about the chocolate cracking off the outside when you bite into them :)

Use Lollipops as Cocktail Stirrers!

You see the advantages right? ;)

I'll add this this to the "I'm sure you already knew this" pile - but I can't wait to do this :)

Bake cupcakes for 5 minutes and then drop a Hershey Kiss in the center and continue baking. It sinks to the middle and makes a chocolate center... I'm gonna use the ones with almonds ;)

Use a wine opener to safely remove avocado pits. Simply insert tip & twist. No more whacking aimlessly with sharp knives....then cleaning them ;)

Didn't know this - you can make hard-boiled eggs is in the OVEN! Place the eggs in a muffin tray so they do not move around, turn the oven to 325 degrees, pop em' in for about 25-30 minutes.

Advantages - Easy Clean up, Easier to Peel, and (depending on the size of your oven) You can cook a lot more of them at once :)

Add 1/2 tsp. baking soda to the water when boiling eggs and the shell will come right off :)

Biscuits in the waffle maker...that's right... BISCUITS!

Give the garlic bulb a firm smack with the palm of your hand to separate into individual cloves. Place them into a stainless steel bowl and invert a second bowl over the top. They don’t have to identical in size, just close enough for the garlic to be able to bounce around in a good-sized sphere. Hold the bowls firmly together and shake as hard as you can for about 10 seconds. When you open the bowls, all of the cloves should be bare with the skins neatly out of the way. If they aren’t just shake a bit longer :)

Having trouble finding a spot in the fridge for that six pack? Just use a Binder Clip to keep em' from falling  :)

No more Clips!

One more for the Chocolate Lovers... or the Party Lovers... or the Chocolate Party Lovers :)

Great way to make an edible Chocolate Bowl... no dishes!

Too rushed for frosting? Place a large marshmallow on each cupcake five minutes before they finish baking. It will melt and make a yummy toasted marshmallow topping. - May not be pretty, but it's delish :)

If you need only 1/2 an onion, save the root half. It will keep longer than the "not root" half... not sure what that half is called :P

Pancakes are lighter and fluffier when you substitute club soda for milk in the batter - also lighter on the cals :)

When mincing garlic, sprinkle on a little salt so the pieces won't stick to your knife or cutting board :)

To keep potatoes from budding, place an apple in the bag with the potatoes. A real apple....don't throw your iPhone in there :)

If you need to serve some snacks, but don't want to do dishes - use the coffee filters in a pinch, I think they're elegant :)

Great use for the orange peel that you DIDN'T throw in the garbage disposal - this way everything smells good :)

Fill an ice tray with your preferred melted chocolate, put in any fruit (I like strawberries) - then refrigerate until chocolate hardens... Really small ice trays can make Raisinettes :)

Another one you learn outdoors - Spaghetti as a frosting protector! UNcooked...otherwise its a frosting disaster ;)

A simple way to sharpen kitchen shears ... cut a piece of steel wool. And you were just gonna throw away that S.O.S. pad :)

Stuffed Tomatoes - Trouble getting them to stand up? Use a Muffin Tin :) Then prepare according to your favorite recipe :) (that's worth two smiley faces)

It's hot outside! When you head to the Ice Cream truck, bring a cupcake wrapper. It'll save you from "Sticky Hands" :)

 Let's say you just bought a pair of scissors in a package...but you have no scissors to get into the package... CANOPENER - not just for cans :)

When cutting corn off the cob, use a Bundt Pan - it'll keep you from finding kernels under the microwave 3 months later :)

Keep Dental Floss in the kitchen. It's a great tool. Unflavored dental floss is often better than a knife to cleanly cut all kinds of soft foods! (soft cheese, rolled dough, layered cake)

Ah... stuff you do when you're broke in college :)

Those lids from old Parmesan Containers fit on most mason jars - should help a lot with sprinkling flour, powdered sugar... you can figure out the rest :)

Make shift toaster oven (toaster on its side)... College was was my first few years out on my own.... I did this yesterday :)

Bake cupcakes directly in ice-cream cones – Fun for the kids!

And it's a little cleaner ;)

Keep some grapes in the freezer - that way you can chill your Wine without watering it down :)

Keep your sliced apples from going brown in the lunch boxes by using a rubber band... Broccoli bands work great!

I also use the broccoli bands for keeping business cards together :)

To remove egg shells from a batter, use the remaining shell to attract the piece - and you've been using your fingers this whole time ;)

If your cake recipe calls for nuts, heat them first in the oven, then dust with flour before adding to the batter to keep them from settling to the bottom of the pan :)

Keep your brown sugar soft - all of the instructions are in the picture :)


 To remove corn silk from corn on the cob, dampen a paper towel (or terry cloth) and brush downward on the cob. Every bit of corn silk should come off.

Use towel racks to hold your pot lids... I started by just keeping the lids in the bathroom...decided to move them. My towels are fine on the floor :)

For fresh flavor in Orange Juice add the juice of one lemon to the pitcher, everyone will wonder why your orange juice is better than theirs :)

Use a Drywall Mud Knife to cut your desserts in the pan! You can cut all the way to the edge, and in straight lines. Just make sure you buy one SPECIFICALLY for the kitchen.... you learn that lesson once :)

Spray the top of guacamole with cooking spray and place in fridge. Next day it will still be green...if it's possible to have leftover Guac in the first place :)

Easily remove burnt-on food from your Pans - Just add a drop or two of dish soap and enough water to cover bottom of pan. Then bring to a boil on stovetop. The skillet will be MUCH easier to clean! (guess I could just not burn it in the first place too) :)

Use a potato peeler to get even, small slices of veggies for salads. Wouldn't have so many scars on my thumbs if I had found this out earlier ;)

When cutting veggies or meat for scrambled eggs, quesadillas, or other recipes, using a pizza cutter will make the job a lot quicker than chopping with a knife :)

Baked food stuck on the Microwave? Just fill a microwave-safe bowl with a mixture of half vinegar and half water, and nuke it for two minutes. Then, dip a sponge into the vinegar-water solution, and use it to wipe the food off of the walls of the microwave. It'll fall right off – no chemicals required :)

Use marbles to make heart shaped cupcakes :)

Two marbles for Bowties :)

When making a soup, sauce, or casserole that ends up too fatty or greasy, drop in an ice cube. The ice will attract the fat...which you can then scoop out :)

Microwave garlic cloves for 15 seconds and the skins slip right off :)

In a hurry and accidentally put too much salt into your dish? Don’t worry, just put a large peeled potato into the pot while still cooking. The potato will absorb the salt like a sponge :)

Try using raw spaghetti instead of toothpicks when securing stuffed chicken breasts and meats. It works great and it's edible!

Easy way to dispose of Grease - Did you know you're not supposed to pour grease down the sink? Some of us learn that "plumbers are expensive" the hard way :P

Don't waste pie pastry scraps ... sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar, and bake like cookies :)

When working with dough, don't flour your hands; coat them with olive oil to prevent sticking :)

You have an old cd-case and a bagel sandwich that you need to transport.... Gotcha Covered ;) Great when you're on the go!

Outside at the Barbecue this weekend - use cupcake liners....those bugs don't deserve your drinks!

I always buy more than I need - Wrap the top of the banana bunch with Plastic Wrap, and they will last 3-5 Days longer than usual :)

Pre-bake your cakes and keep them fresh overnight by placing a slice of bread on top. In the morning your bread will be hard as a rock, but the cake will remain moist and ready to ice :)

When cooking pasta - Rub the edges of the pot with Butter. The water will not boil over and make a mess on your stove :)

Fun and Easy way to remove lettuce core - Just slam the head down on the stem. (I mean the LETTUCE head...) :)

Did this just Blow your mind?

To make lighter and fluffier mashed potatoes - add a pinch, or two, of baking powder to the potatoes before whipping :)

A few drops of lemon juice added to simmering rice will keep the grains separate - just a few though :)

A few drops of lemon juice added to simmering rice will keep the grains separate - just a few though :)

I ALWAYS add more of this stuff than I mean to...

If you find yourself measuring oil and honey for a recipe, measure the oil first, then the honey next, which will then slide out easily - also useful if you make those "food style" beauty masks :)

Cheese won't harden if you butter the exposed edges before storing - I buy cheese in bulk ;)

You too?

If you have some leftover wine at the end of the evening, freeze it in ice cube trays for easy addition to soups and sauces in the future... or just as ice :)

When cutting bread - flip it over and slice from the "soft" side, that way the bread won't squish when you're cutting :)

Roll your sausage patties in flour before frying them up. They won't crack open during cooking :)

Freeze tomato paste in the can. Open both ends and punch out the paste. Wrap the frozen paste in foil and freeze, then slice off what you need as you need it :)

For a juicier hamburger add cold water to the beef before grilling. Don't do it really ruins the burger :)

Hull your strawberries with a straw! "Strawed - Berries" :)

Trouble separating the bacon strips out of the package? Just roll it into a tight cylinder shape before opeing it. Easy Separation from that point on :)

Cook your Hashbrowns in a waffle iron - Faster, easier, crunchier.... and you can save the extra burner for extra bacon :)
It'll also portion them out easier :)

Actually can't believe I never didn't realize that I couldn't do this! That's right...I'm so blown away I used a quadruple negative ;)

(someone help me out... does this mean I KNEW I could.... or NOT?)

Fill an ice tray with your preferred melted chocolate, put in any fruit (I like strawberries) - then refrigerate until chocolate hardens... Really small ice trays can make Raisinettes :)

Microwave a lemon for 15 seconds and you'll double the juice you get after squeezing :)



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    (someone help me out... does this mean I KNEW I could.... or NOT?)

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  43. If you prefer soft cookies, use CORNSTARCH instead of baking powder. The dough itself ends up looking exactly like ice cream - very close to the Keebler Soft Batch Cookies :)
    *I'm thinking that you shouldn't substitute cornstarch for baking powder if you want your cookies to rise...just my opinion*

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