Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Eggs in a ________ :)

Eggs seem to be a fairly popular ingredient - You can stuff them into anything!  The mason jar lid (below) is the popular method - but here's a few more fun ways to wrap your favorite ingredient :)  Most of these types of recipes are self explanatory... you can also scramble the eggs before you pour them in :)

 <-------------------Classic :)

Eggs in an Onion - Click here for Recipe

You can go sunny side up, or scramble and put on a muffin :)

Great way to start the day!

Eggs IN Toast - Click here for recipe

Makes the Flip a little easier :)

Eggs IN bacon - Click here for recipe

"Bacon AROUND Eggs" is just not as catchy ;)

Egg in a Pepper - Click here for recipe

You may get some spillage, but the concept works ;)

It's like a breakfast bomb!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Different Pizzas :)

Pizza has always been a favorite of....well... everyone, but now days - pizza has evolved into much more than the Pepperoni and Sausage everyone is used to, even though the "Sauce and Toppings on Crust" formula is still a winner :)  Couple fun Pizzas here :)
 Dessert Pizza! - Recipe

Sauce - Icing or Cream Cheese
Crust - Brownie
Toppings - Fruit

Pizza Bites - Upside Down Pizza Recipe

Sauce - Red
Crust - Your average Dough
Toppings - Standard

Zucchini Pizza Bites - Recipe

Sauce - Red
Crust - Zucchini
Toppings - Cheese and Spice

Muffin Pizza - Recipe

Sauce - Red
Crust - English Muffin
Toppings - Your Choice

Microwave Mexican Pizza - Recipe

Sauce - Salsa
Crust - Tortillas
Toppings - More salsa :)

College Pizza - Recipe

Sauce - Ketchup
Crust - Ritz
Toppings - Cheese and Pepperoni

Monday, October 8, 2012

Bacon and Eggs in the Oven :)

Different way to prepare Bacon and Eggs ;)

You can Bake Bacon in the Oven too....ALLEGEDLY - since the below tip was a little controversial, I added a disclaimer ;)

Arrange bacon slices on the foil and place the baking sheet on the center rack of a cold oven. Close oven door. Turn oven on to 400°F. Walk away. Come back 17 to 20 minutes later :)

-Avoid skin burning splatters
-All bacon cooks at the same time
-Easier clean up with the foil!
You can also make hard-boiled eggs is in the oven too!

Place the eggs in a muffin tray so they do not move around, turn the oven to 325 degrees, pop em' in for about 25-30 minutes.

-Easy Clean up
-Easier to Peel,
-and (depending on the size of your oven) You can cook a lot more of them at once :)