Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Eggs in a ________ :)

Eggs seem to be a fairly popular ingredient - You can stuff them into anything!  The mason jar lid (below) is the popular method - but here's a few more fun ways to wrap your favorite ingredient :)  Most of these types of recipes are self explanatory... you can also scramble the eggs before you pour them in :)

 <-------------------Classic :)

Eggs in an Onion - Click here for Recipe

You can go sunny side up, or scramble and put on a muffin :)

Great way to start the day!

Eggs IN Toast - Click here for recipe

Makes the Flip a little easier :)

Eggs IN bacon - Click here for recipe

"Bacon AROUND Eggs" is just not as catchy ;)

Egg in a Pepper - Click here for recipe

You may get some spillage, but the concept works ;)

It's like a breakfast bomb!

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