Sunday, October 14, 2012

Different Pizzas :)

Pizza has always been a favorite of....well... everyone, but now days - pizza has evolved into much more than the Pepperoni and Sausage everyone is used to, even though the "Sauce and Toppings on Crust" formula is still a winner :)  Couple fun Pizzas here :)
 Dessert Pizza! - Recipe

Sauce - Icing or Cream Cheese
Crust - Brownie
Toppings - Fruit

Pizza Bites - Upside Down Pizza Recipe

Sauce - Red
Crust - Your average Dough
Toppings - Standard

Zucchini Pizza Bites - Recipe

Sauce - Red
Crust - Zucchini
Toppings - Cheese and Spice

Muffin Pizza - Recipe

Sauce - Red
Crust - English Muffin
Toppings - Your Choice

Microwave Mexican Pizza - Recipe

Sauce - Salsa
Crust - Tortillas
Toppings - More salsa :)

College Pizza - Recipe

Sauce - Ketchup
Crust - Ritz
Toppings - Cheese and Pepperoni


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