Thursday, March 7, 2013

The New MyFridgeFood!

Hello Everyone,

I would like to take a few moments and discuss the New MyFridgeFood :)

First I'd like to thank all of you for the suggestions you've all had for me. They have not fallen on deaf ears, as I have incorporated a lot of your suggestions into the new site. I've been building MyFridgeFood for the last three years, and I am truly overwhelmed by the way everyone has taken to it. Everyone has been so supportive and helpful! The community that you've all built around MyFridgeFood has been amazing :)


Unfortunately, all of the new features aren't available on the new site as of yet - they will be shortly. I wanted the "New MyFF" to be at 100% before the site went live, but the "old MyFF" was hacked last week - usually I've been able to take care of it quickly, but this time it was a little more than I could handle :( I had to delete half the site to fix it... So I figured that I would just go ahead and release the "Half done" new site, in place of the "Half Down" old site. (if that makes sense)

All of the "new" features aren't there yet , but the "Main" features are better than ever! You can still save your ingredients, and search through the recipes nice and easy. It's easier to follow and much cleaner to read, especially on the "Printer Friendly" page (no green text on green background lol)

Once again everything will be back up to 100% shortly, and at 200% once finished.  I really appreciate everyone's patience and suggestions as the new MyFridgeFood moves forward.  I truly am overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm of everyone in the community.  Seriously, thank you so much - I obviously couldn't do this without you!  Thanks Again, I'll keep everyone posted on the new features and the app :)


  1. Whether you're a bad or lazy cook living single, or the family cook who wants to try something new, this site looks great. I'm sure tons of people had this idea or wished it existed; great to see someone's making it happen.

    As I understand, this site works by user contributions? So if you haven't already, I hope you can start pushing for internationalization of the recipie collection, encouraging your users to submit a wider variety. I though of this because I'm hoping to go work in Japan soon, leaving the nest and going on my own, so once I realized what this site is, I thought "Wow, I could use this in Japan, if they had Japanese recipies."

    Let me know your thoughts on that. Although I can't promise anything, I've got some ideas of people in the online language-learning community who we could contact to see if they're interested in contributing to your project.

    Especially since you had that recent hack and your site isn't fully up yet, I apologize if I'm misunderstanding much of how this works. Hopefully my comment isn't too worthless, haha.

    1. Thank you very much for the kind words :) You are correct, the site is still very new - so the database is still growing. The hack really set me back, but (slowly but surely) I'm getting back on track.

      MyFF is going to be running new recipe contests to expand on the variety of recipes (vegetarian, diabetic, ethnic, etc...) so hopefully the database should get a little "wider" instead of taller :) Thank you again for the feedback, I really appreciate it!

  2. I love your site and even blogged about it several weeks ago. I made the stuffed peppers last night and was able to modify them to be vegetarian. They were yummy and even our non-vegetarian daughter loved it. I did wonder how easy, or hard, it would be to add a vegetarian/vegan section of recipes. I'd love to have a whole bunch of recipes that were as easy and yummy as the peppers were. Keep up the good work!

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  4. Hi, I really like the idea.

    I wonder why there is no Dinner/Lunch/Main course category and if it is possible to add a search box, like those sites where you count your daily calories.

    Keep it up!

    1. I second that suggestion. Instead of having a main course category for each meat available, it would simplify my thinking process to just have one main course category that chooses from all my fridge items. Awesome site- looking forward to seeing the server speed up so I can browse your recipes faster.