Monday, August 24, 2009

MyFridgeFood - What's In Your Fridge?

Hello and thank you for visiting the MyFridgeFood Blog Spot. is a brand new USEFUL recipe site. For those of you who want to know what recipes you can make with ingredients you already have. No need to go Shopping, Just go to and register quickly for free. Enter in all of the ingredients in your refrigerator, pantry, and Liquor cabinet....and the site will then give you recipes that you can make. You can also sort the results by category ( Chicken, Beef, etc...), Cooking time, and Calories.

After you have registered, you will also be able to submit your own recipes to the site. Just name it, describe it, and enter the ingredients. Your recipe will be available for all to see!!! Weekly contests are held for different categories of recipes...e.g. Best Chicken Dish, Best Recipe under 5 ingredients, etc...

The site is very new and still in a "developmental" phase so please feel free to send me any feedback or ideas you have for improving the site to Thank you so much for visiting the site.

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