Friday, July 11, 2014

If you want a prize for yourself!

First off I want to thank everyone so much for making the "20 likes get a prize" contest on the MyFridgeFood facebook page so popular.  I've been getting  a lot of messages from folks looking for where to buy the prizes.  (If they didn't win one lol)  So I created this page for easy reference :)

August 8th (Fry-Day) Prizes! - French Fry Cutters, Cones, and a Stir Fry Spatula :

August 6-7th Prizes! - Veggie slicers, Burger Presses and Cereal Bowls :)

August 5th Prizes - Pie Slicers and Veggie Containers.

August 4th Prizes! - A whole lot of Dip Clips and Tortillas!

August 3rd Prizes - Frothers and Ice Cream Scoops :)

August 2nd Prizes - Basting Brushes and Ice Balls!

August 1st Prizes - Egg Rings and Japanese Ramen Sets :)

July 31st Prize! - Bacon and Eggs!

July 30th Prize - Spring form pans for Cheesecakes :)

July 27th-29th Prize - Crinkle Cutters for Everyone :)

July 26th Prize! - Easy Pulled Pork Shredder.

July 25th Prizes - Baking Cups and Chopsticks :)

July 24th Prizes! - Cheese Knives and Bacon Bowls!

July 23rd Prizes - Spiral Slicers and Avocado Savers

July 22nd Prizes - Scraping pans and opening bottles

July 21st Prizes! - Pyrex and Ice Shot Glasses

July 18th - 20th Prizes! - Pineapple, Bacon, Storage!

July 17th Prize - All about Tacos :)

July 16th Prizes - Strawberries and Butter...not together lol

July 15th - Bloody Mary's, Margaritas, and Water Bottles

July 11th - 14th - Butter, Bacon and Storage!

July 9th and 10th... sent out a lot of these :)


July 5th through 8th - Jar opening, meat, and Avocados ;)


Prizes awarded July 1st through 4th on various "BBQ and Cookout" posts :)

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